Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Son, the EMT!

YOW! Just got news from my son that he finished his EMT training with an overall grade of "A"!
We had quite a talk about his training on the way up to Angeles Shooting Ranges the day we went, and he was quite pleased with how things were going. Now he just has to to take (and pass) the NREMT test. He was telling me that the ambulance company he did his ride-alongs with was hiring, so he might leave his current job at a large grocery store chain, and go work for them. After some "time-in-grade", he'll be eligible to go to Paramedic school, which he's really looking forward to. Once he gets certified as a Paramedic, he's thinking about applying to one of the local Fire Departments, or maybe the LAFD Academy.
Yep, his Mom, Step-Dad, and my YF are *very* proud of him.


  1. Fantastic! My congratulations to your son.

  2. Well, alrighty then! Congrats to your son, and to the proud papa!

  3. Great work ! ! !

    I ride a donor-cycle so I appreciate all the help I can get on the road.

  4. Congrats to him! Now he needs to go ahead and get his Paramedic certification!

  5. Thanks, everybody. Yep, we're proud of him.
    First he has to get a job as an EMT, and then spend some "Tim-In-Grade" before he's even eligible to go to Paramedic school. He's looked at several of the local places that offer the training, and has recommendations from the guys he worked with during his "ride alongs", so he's pretty sure which school he wants to go to. We're sure he'll do fine, but he's only taken the first step, and has many more to go!


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