Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Have An Accident, PAY A FEE!

Ouch! The city of Huntington Beach is going to implement a "Pay As You Crash" tax for non residents involved in traffic accidents within the city's boundaries. They're doing this under the guise of a "Cost Recovery Program", but I wonder just how long it will be before they start charging residents.
Here's the link to the article in the OC Register.


  1. Isn't this "Fee" covered in the ticket for the traffic violation? I caused an accident and was given a citation for failure to yield... How is this new fee different?

  2. It will be in addition to all the other fees they're tacking on to tickets.

  3. The reasoning behind this is that city residents pay taxes and that supports services such as Police, Fire and EMS. Non-residents who have and or cause crashes do not pay for these services so the fee is a way to recover some of the cost from the people who use the services instead of locals having to pick up the bill. The VFD in my area sends a bill to the insurance company of vehicle involved in crashes that we have to respond to as a way of recouping this cost.

    This has been spreading as department budgets get tighter each year and rather than raise rates on the locals departments are looking at where the costs are and trying to get direct return from expenses.


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