Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boeing, Boeing, Boeing, GONE!

Well the wonderful, business friendly climate provided by our brave and forward thinking "leaders" up in Sacramento has resulted in another business leaving the state.
Boeing has announced that they're moving the C-130 Avionics and B-1B Modernization Programs from Long Beach to Oklahoma City.
Citing a shrinking Pentagon budget, and requests from the Military to reduce costs, the programs are moving.
This would leave the C-17 as the only major project Boeing still has out here, and that's hanging by a thread.
Oh, but we have nice weather, beaches, and lots of sunshine!
More here at the L.A. Times website.


  1. That will be terrible for the local economy.

    I bet the C-17 moves too when the higher taxes kick in next year.

  2. Yeah, it's another kick in the teeth for Long Beach. A lot of people don't realize the amount of planning that goes into a move like this. Having worked for Boeing, I know they don't do anything on a whim. This has probably been in the planning stages for a couple of years, at least. If they move C-17 production out of state, they're already well down the list of coordinating things.

  3. Leftism, California style or Obama style, is corrupting. I know California used to be a happy, bustling state. Not anymore. What a shame.

  4. It's all about $$, and Oklahoma is a LOT cheaper than SOCAL, especially with non-union employees who are just as good, but half the cost.

  5. Yeah, for the price of a small house on a cramped lot out here, you could probably get a huge place on a couple of acres!
    Probably have to take a big hit on selling your place out here if you bought it during the bubble, but if you've owned it for 10 or more years, and didn't refinance the daylights out of it, you could move there free and clear!

  6. We feel your pain.
    There was, of course, not a snowball's chance in hell (with apologies to Sebastien and Bitter) that they would move north to Washington AC.
    We're all astonished they're leaving anything up here.

  7. I think Mother Boeing is too entrenched in Washington to move out, although it did surprise me when I learned the corporate headquarters was in Chicago.
    I only worked for Boeing a little over 5 years, on the Sea Launch program, and it was quite an experience.


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