Saturday, August 7, 2010

Emergency Visit to the Vet This Morning

And it wasn't pretty! We had our little one Coco spayed on Tuesday, and she was doing pretty well. She's a very active pup, though, even with her "comfy cone" on, and by Thursday I noticed she'd popped one of the surgical staples out. We were keeping it clean with Peroxide and applying a bit of Neosporin, but last night when we got home from dinner (Lucille's BBQ!) and a movie ("The Other Guys". Can I get my money back?) with the YF's brother and his wife, I noticed she'd popped another one out, and looking at her incision made us realize we'd better get her in ASAP. So we took her in this morning, and our Vet cleaned it, and put some new staples back in. He gave us some antibiotics to give her twice a day, and said to keep the cone on her all the time, and watch her to make sure she doesn't get dirt into the incision.
So now she's just laying around relaxing (it's a dog's life, huh?) and enjoying all the attention.

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  1. Yep, all dogs are democrats... :-) Glad y'all caught the issue before it got worse!


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