Sunday, March 14, 2010

Auto Work, Part II

Well, that was relatively painless! The OEM plugs were put in DRY, so I was very careful to pull them with a cold engine, but still, the SQUEAK! as they came loose made me shiver. I know there's some controversy on using anti-seize compound on the plug threads, but I was always taught that a steel bolt into an aluminum casting should NEVER be put in dry, or you run the risk of pulling the aluminum threads out the next time you remove the steel bolt, especially if it's been hot/cold cycled, like a spark plug in an aluminum head. One old hot rod book I had said even a drop of engine oil from the dipstick was better than putting them in dry!
And speaking of dipsticks, when I first opened the hood, I noticed hers was missing! She just had the oil and filter changed last week at the local Jiffy Lube, so she's going to go back there Monday after work and give them Hell about it. They're either going to replace it, or reimburse us for a new one from the Nissan dealer. There wasn't any oil around the top of the tube, and it's doubtful if much dirt would get in there, so I think it's OK to drive the car until we get it replaced.
The belt change took all of 15 minutes, which is one of the things I like about serpentine belts. Loosen the tensioner, remove the belt, and slip the new one on. Easy as cake!
And since there was a layer of blue-green crud on the negative battery post, I pulled the terminal, scrubbed it, greased it, and put it back on all nice and clean. The positive one looked great, and has neat little plastic cover that snaps over it.
All in all, a pleasant Sunday afternoon out in the driveway doing something I enjoy.


  1. "..a pleasant Sunday afternoon out in the driveway doing something I enjoy." I understand. I'm looking forward to the temps getting above freezing so that I can do some things here. It may be some time before the ice & snow are melted off the driveway, though; the ground is still mighty cold.

  2. I was very fortunate when I lived back in Northern Illinois to have a nice, heated shop to work in. I always had people at work ask me how I kept my car so nice and clean during the winter!

  3. I'm looking forward to being able to do that :-)


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