Saturday, February 27, 2010

Three Per Cent

Most of the visitors to my little place in the blogosphere undoubtedly know about "The Three Per Cent".
If you don't, I'd like to ask you to read this piece written by a man I truly admire.
One term Mike brought up was "Gramscian". which I'd never heard, and being a good teacher, he suggested we look it up ourselves.
So, I did, and leaned that it comes from the name "Antonio Gramsci", an Italian philosopher and political Scientist. Now since I was schooled in the Hard Sciences (Physics and Engineering), I tend to chuckle a bit when I see the term "Political Science". It's too much like "Jumbo Shrimp" for me not to laugh, but I went ahead and read his bio anyway.
Very interesting stuff there. In particular, he's the guy that came up with the term "Cultural Hegemony", which is basically a fancy term used to describe the dominance of one social group over another, in this case, a "Ruling Class".
Now when I read this, it just about knocked me over. It's exactly what I've been feeling from the "candidates" the Left has been pushing on us for years. It first struck me when I listened to John Kerry give one of his speeches. It was quite clear to me that the man was talking down to his audience, and I, for one, deeply resented it. There are other things I despise about John Kerry, but his tone of voice and demeanor on the podium struck me like a ton of bricks. Al Gore kinda sounded the same to me when he was on his "Global Warming" stump, but he can also pull off the "Fatherly" bit better than Kerry ever could.
But I digress.....
One other thing that I found interesting as I looked up Gramsci and followed the links, was that they all have Marxism in common. And considering the friends and acquaintances of our "President", it looks like the USA has finally got a bona fide "Ruling Class" leader. One who cares not for the people who voted him in, but only for his own agenda.

God bless, Mike, and keep up the Good Fight by writing these pieces that get the rest of us to THINK, and in inspiring those of us who truly believe in the Republic of our Founders.


  1. Marxism and keeping the silent majority subservient... NEITHER of which is high on my personal agenda... And yes I'm a III'per

  2. I'm not much of a rifleman, but I'm pretty damn good with radio stuff, hence my Unorganized Militia Signal Corps patch.

  3. You handle the comms, I'll keep em off your back :-)

  4. With the liberal its never about the individual, but rather the collective and its great leaders. To the progressive mind the person, the individual is nothing more than the single lowly ant crawling across the great ant hill of the collective.


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