Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Light posting for a while....

Not that I'm a posting maniac, but the YF (see below) and I have been rather sick. I started with a bad sore throat the week before the wedding, which degenerated into a really bad cold and cough, which I still have, but at least I don't wake up every two hours coughing at night. She started with the sore throat a couple of days ago, and has been home from work the last two days.
I keep kidding her about who she sleeps with!
"YF" is a Ham Radio term for "Wife". If a Ham is going out with a girl, she becomes his "YL", or "Young Lady". If they got married, she then became his "XYL", or "Ex Young Lady". Even when I first got into Amateur Radio back in 1964, I thought it was kind of rude, and sometime in the 1970's Hams apparently saw the light, and came up with "YF".


  1. Get well, dj. That goes for the YF too.

    This drizzly WX doesn't help either, so keep warm. The Better Half and I stayed in our jammies all day yesterday just because.

  2. Hope you both are better soon.

  3. Both of you get well! Hang in there, I know the weather has not been real good in LA. I was out there working two weeks ago and we got rained out.

  4. She's bounced back, but mine just keeps hanging on. Now I've got an earache, something that never happens to me. If I'm not better by Monday, I'm going to the Doctor. I suspect whatever it is I have has turned into a sinus infection.
    Bring on the antibiotics!


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