Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Night At The Range

Just got back from my first range trip with my Marlin 1894CB in 357......
Sweet little gun! Hardly any kick, and probably more accurate than I am. I kept reading about "The Marlin Jam", and ways to alleviate it, so last night I took it apart to check the cam on the lever. Seems some of them came out of Marlin with a sharp edge that will (after thousands of rounds) cut a groove into the carrier/lifter. Mine had a nicely radiused edge, so maybe they're being a little more careful at the factory.


  1. The newer ones are nice. You are going to enjoy it.

  2. Yeah, I'm surprised how nice it is to shoot. First shoot, "cold bore", with the target out to the max 25 yards the range is...BLAMMO...dead-center in the orange.
    I just about fell over......


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