Friday, March 11, 2011

Skyscrapers Swaying Like Trees In A Wind

Found the video at "Dark Roasted Blend", and did the YouTube embed here.
Amazing footage...


  1. OMG. How fast can you run while crapping your pants?

  2. You don't run, you hide, under the desk, under something... It's NOT fun.

  3. Let's hear it for good building codes!

    Next one I'm in, I'll be smart enough to hide under the desk instead of trying to keep my monitor from walking off the table.

  4. When Loma Prieta hit one of my co-workers looked out the window and said it appeared as if the ground was rushing up to meet him - the 4-story building was built on a "floating" foundation and it heeled-over like a boat. Thank god for innovation in construction!

  5. YOW!
    I've been out here since 1980, so I've been through a couple of good bumps. The last one I was on the ship I used to work on, and we could feel it through the hull. We ran on deck to see what was happening, and we could see all the other ships in the harbor swaying a bit.

  6. I was glad not to be in THAT bldg., but I was in a undulating parking lot outside a Safeway holding onto my motorcycle and a 6-pack, and confounded whether to let either lay on the ground! :-)


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