Monday, February 19, 2024

Still Here, Just Busy, Busy, Busy......

 Doing mostly home owner stuff. Cabinet hinges, hanging things for SLW, and trying to knock out a bunch of "little things", like mount the toilet paper holders with better wall anchors so they don't keep coming loose, and installing a new porch light fixture to replace the ancient, crusty, rusty one.

The recent storm that went through only gave us a few inches of nice, fluffy snow, which was gone 24 hours later. They got hit with 9" out in Greeley where my son lives! Melted pretty quickly, and he kept working right through it. What a trooper!

So more to come, and with pictures, too!


  1. The various micro climates along the Front Range make for strange weather patterns. Banner loves the loose fluffy snow but not the frozen crust the next day.

    1. It sure does. I had to go to the Lowe's in Loveland, and it was snowing there, and sunny here.

  2. Glad things are just poking along... :-)


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