Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday Again?

Not much going on. It's overcast, 44*, the wind is blowing like crazy (sustained 15MPH, gusts to 25...), and we're expecting snow.

And I'm still flogging along with this "low level" cold. Not coughing much, but sneezing some, and got aches, no fever. Didn't roll out of the rack until 1500 the other day, and just have slightly more than zero energy.

Was supposed to go see "Ford v. Ferrari" today, but as I was sneezing into my coffee, my Sweet Little Wife came up and said it was probably better if we stayed home today.

Think I'll go have a bowl of soup.....


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. The big bowl of hot soup was great!

  2. Most of the snow should be to the West - up to 3' in places.

  3. Heh... That is a NORMAL wind for us... :-) Wish y’all would fix that damn fence...

    1. Winds here range from gentle breezes to "rip your roof off".

      And it's snowing like crazy here today.....

  4. Best be careful with a cold that lasts a lot longer then it should, it could be the outbreak and heartache of psoriasis...


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