Monday, January 8, 2018

Good Gravy.......I Have A Garage Again!

Went to the recycling center this morning with my wife, so I could get the layout of the place, and see it for myself.

We took one huge load of cardboard, and after I saw the size of the slot they have where you feed the cardboard in, I went back by myself with another load.

"Old Mount Corrugated" has been removed from the garage, and stuffed into the maw of the big green machine that eats cardboard.

We still have a few boxes that will have to go, and some Styrofoam that will slowly go into the regular kitchen waste for disposal. I'm surprised that I was able to get so much Styrofoam into the kitchen waste so fast. I thought the supply we had would last until spring, but by carefully cutting up all the odd-sized shapes we had, I was able to pack enough in each week that the pile has almost disappeared.

The 9' satellite antenna tower and 5' tripod with weather station on a section of mast were moved out to the patio area yesterday, and just getting those two items out made a huge difference in what the garage looks like.

Tonight I'll move some more things around, trundle some more boxes of "Workshop Items and Supplies" down to the basement, and "her side" of the garage will be ready for use.

And I sent in a new request for quotation to Reliable Carriers to get the Supra shipped out here. When we first got here I checked out prices for shipping the car and they went from a low of $900 to get it here on an open carrier, up to $1300~$1400 for fully enclosed shipping. The more expensive places have quicker delivery times (3~5 days vs "up to two weeks"), have sterling reputations, and better customer service, so I'm going to bite the bullet and pony up for Reliable to do it. If you watch any of the car shows, you'll see that if they don't have their own enclosed trailer, or have a lot of vehicles to go from "A" to "B" and are on a tight schedule, the high-end auto places will almost always call Reliable. I see Mecum, the people who run large auctions, has also started a custom auto transport service.

I've come this far, and would rather not risk getting the car messed up on an open transport of somewhat unknown reliability to save the $500. I just want to get the car here!


  1. You can also take your Styrofoam to the local UPS store. They recycle it into packing material. Or at least the ones in NY and MI do. I would think the ones in CO do as well.
    It is so nice to get the garage cleared out enough to get the cars in. I'm so excited that this year Hubby cleared out our garage because we cleared out a bunch of stuff in the barn, so there was room to take barn stuff out of the garage and put it in the barn.
    Bottom line...I don't have to brush off my car in the mornings, I can just get in it, carefully back out and go! Yeah!!
    It's the little things that make me happy :)

    1. Not sure if they do that here.

      The only place we've been able to find that explicitly accepts Styrofoam is in Boulder (65 miles away), they charge you too enter, and then add another charge for what and how much you want to recycle.

  2. Getting space cleared out is so freeing. I have made a bunch of runs to the dump and was telling a friend that I was almost ready to take another pickup load. He said he has a commercial bin and to bring it to his place and put it in his bin. Yay!
    More stuff will be gone from here after the pickup of estate auction items this weekend.

    1. It's nice to have that resource from your friend available. Several places I've worked at would let the employees use their dumpsters as long as you didn't bring too much at one time.

      Every time I walk out to the garage now, it looks like I'm in a different house!

  3. A garage in Colorado is sooo nice to have. Clear glass in the winter and an interior that doesn't burn you in the summer.

    1. And a place to do minor maintenance without freezing your a$$ off!

  4. Replies
    1. There are other companies, but I have recommendations for them from some of my car buddies back in Illinois, and from a couple of the Toyota folks I know from various forums and blogs.

      We've spent so much getting here, that to quibble over an additional $500 to get the last 'family member' here is kind of silly......


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