Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pix, As Promised

Thought I'd just start a new post instead of adding to the previous one.

Believe it or not, this is about half the stuff that was in there. A lot of it was moved downstairs and unpacked before this was taken. It looked like a warehouse before!

The other side is much better. The semi-portable 9' tower is on its side here, under a large piece of left over carpet, and behind the Samsung box. I have the wood for the new feet, so as soon as I get this outside I'll screw the new wood feet on, and lug it into the backyard through our nice, new gate. The spoiler/sunshade for the Supra is off to the left behind a bunch of cardboard waiting to go to the recycling center.

Don't get me started on Fort Collins' "Recycling Program"........nice little racket you guys have going there......

And moving down to the subterranean levels........

We have a bookcase full of (mostly) BOOKS!

This is the wall the workbench/storage shelves will be going into after I repair the non-functional baseboard heater. I wasn't able to even get to the heater before, as the moving guys had stacked boxes three high and two deep right up to it. The thermostat for the heater is to the extreme left in the picture above, a box with a knob slightly out of focus.

The new rack I received and assembled the other day is all the way in the corner, and the less deep rack is the one I brought from Kalifornia. I still have to get some 1/16" plywood to make "shelves for the shelves", like in the 18" deep rack next to it. Otherwise, all the feet on the equipment gets hung up on the wires the shelves are made of, and nothing sits level, or is easy to slide in and out of the rack.

There *should* be another shelf at the top of the leftmost rack, careful as we were taking the rack apart, and bagging all the little split-lock plastic shells that the shelves pilot down onto, we somehow lost exactly eight pieces, enough for one shelf. The new rack came with contact information to get replacement parts, so I'm probably going to buy a few extra of these!

Some of this equipment will be installed in the station console (the Hallicrafters and Drake gear) to be my two "Boat Anchor" stations.

And I somehow managed to spill over into the "Study Area" of the basement suite.

And then on into the "Downstairs Bedroom" area.

But not to worry....the door on the left in the picture of the "Study Area" leads to a very large storage area.

Looking left into to it:

Looking straight into it:

And looking into it to the right:

I haven't measured this little "bonus space" yet to see how big it is, but it sure is handy!

We didn't get out to get the tree today because she had conflicting errands and appointments, so sorry, no pretty tree pix today.


  1. Looking, good, Jim. I like the paneled shack look, and that hidden storage corner is really nice Good collection of vintage stations, too. Hallicrafters, Drake, Kenwood and Heathkit?

    My shack looks like a bomb went off in a pig sty, as a manager I used to know would say. I seriously need to do some straightening up in there.

    1. The "Downstairs Bedroom" would actually be a better location for it owing to the fact it's in the back of the house, and would save 30'~50' of feedline. BUT...the wife has declared that to be a bedroom, so it's off-limits.

      The Hallicrafters SX-117/HT-44 and Collins 30L-1 will be one boat anchor station, and the Drake B-Line "Twins" will be the other.

      Main station will still be the modified Kenwood Ts-950SDX and some kind of new Flex SDR. I wanted to buy a Flex 6500, but it's out of production now, so I can either wait for a "certified, pre-owned radio", or go with the 6600.

      Still not sure how I'm going to route the feedlines and other cables into the house.

    2. I’ve been looking at a Flex, too. I started looking at the 6400 and a friend pointed out the 6300, which he owns. A “certified pre-owned” 6300 is like $1950 with a tuner built in. New 6400 is almost twice that.

      At the price of the 6400, I should consider the new Icom7610.

    3. IIRC, the 6300 was their entry level offering in the "Flex Signature Series". I wanted something with more processing power, so I went up to the 6500. I don't need the insane capabilities of the 6700 (EIGHT slices at once?), so I dropped down to the 6500.

      I was planning on trading in my Flex 5000, but I'll have to look and see if they still offer that program.

  2. It's coming together! Yea! :-) And you've got till the snow flies to get the garage done...LOL

    1. Should have half the garage cleaned up this weekend, except for the big boxes of styrofoam.

      Fort Collins will not accept styrofoam in their "Single Stream" recycling program, so you have to put it in with the trash that goes to the landfill. So, it's getting thrown out bit-by-bit until it's gone....

  3. Replies
    1. It is, but now that most of the "house stuff" in the job jar has been greatly diminished I get to work on this stuff.

      And as soon as I can get the workbench and shelves up, I'll have more space to put things so I can get the #2 garage stall freed up.

      Still have that Supra back in SoCal, and she needs a home when she gets here!

  4. DRJIM, you should be able to just take a load of styrofoam (or whatever) directly to the dump and drop it there. Eliminate the pain right off.

  5. I haven't been to the dump or the recycling center. I've been told the recycling center will politely refuse the styrofoam, and direct you to the dump.

    The only place that cheerfully accepts styrofoam is a place in Boulder that handles "Hard To Recycle Materials".

    #1, I don't want to go anywhere near Boulder.

    #2 it's sixty-something miles away.

    #3 they charge you to enter the site.

    #4 they charge you for what you drop off.

    I think the dump charges, too, but I don't know how much. I'll ask the in-laws where they take their stuff....


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