Friday, December 8, 2017

Here, Duckie, Duckie, Duckie.....

Found my Drake R-4B this afternoon. I was in the bottom box of a three-box stack (very close to what Old_NFO predicted), and was labeled (by me, no less!) "SB-303", and "SB-310". I looked at the box and thought....hey, the SB-310 is already on the shelf....OPEN IT!

Yup, the R-4B was in there, snuggled up against the Heathkit SB-303. It's now resting next to the T-4XB, awaiting it's place in the Station Console.

Also emptied and consolidated 4 more boxes of stuff, and moved an additional several boxes out of the area. Once I get everything clear in that half of the room (or more) then my carpenter buddy and I can get together and do the final layout of the workbench and he can start buying the materials and planning his schedule. Once I go through the "Bedroom" and "Study Area" spaces and sort them out and move some things around, I'll easily be able to clean out the radio room. This will be the FINAL decision point on which room the Radio Room will be made from. I'd prefer the rear room for technical reasons (saves 35'~50' of feedline!), but the front room with the bookcases and wood paneling just looks soooooo inviting! Anyway....once the room choice is made,  Mr. Wood can get cracking on the workbench. When the workbench is finished we can get started on the Station Console.

Going to go pick up three of the 18" deep, 48" wide wire rack units on Monday for the garage. I'd go tomorrow, but I'd rather avoid the weekend crowds that pool up at Home Depot! These are identical to the one rack in the basement, except they're "chrome plated" instead of being black powder coated. Seems the only places that stock the black ones are in Kalifornia! The one that arrived here the other day came from the HD warehouse in Irvine, CA.

And still no sign of any of the THREE gardeners we called for an estimate on doing the front and rear yard clean-ups. Oh, well.......


  1. You may find out that this is true.
    "Adding storage space magically creates more things that need to be stored."
    And it seems you never get ahead of the curve!

    1. Yep, like the old saying "Work expands to fill the available time"!

  2. "... and was labeled (by me, no less!) "SB-303", and "SB-310". I looked at the box and thought....hey, the SB-310 is already on the shelf....OPEN IT!"

    When my wife or I do that, we usually say, "look, somebody labeled this box wrong!" Like when we buy something and suddenly find we already have one and don't need another. Or find a box from Amazon or someone on the porch. "Uh-oh, somebody ordered something. And look, it's addressed to me".

  3. Keeps you engaged and out of trouble, maybe. Home Depot and a credit card can be dangerous.

  4. ROTF... Not that 'I' have ever done something like that...


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