Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bob Hoover Slips The Surly Bonds....

I watched him fly many, many times. For a while the yellow P-51 was hangared at the Torrance airport when it was in the Rockwell livery.

His performances was always the highlight of the airshows for me, right next to the Blue Angles and the Thunderbirds.

God bless you, Bob.

You were one of a kind.....

Reposted from Murphy's blog....

Bob Hoover dies at age 94


  1. Sorry to hear that, but I suppose you can't do much better than make it to 94 and (apparently) still be in relatively good health.

  2. He was polite, humble and the consummate gentleman. Always had time for questions and a chat.

    1. Yep, I saw him numerous times at air shows, and he was always willing to talk to me, or my son, who was quite little at the time.

  3. I saw him fly at airshows. He was a big wheel back in the 80's, I know. There was another aviator of the same stature, who took off with his rudder lock on the aircraft and crashed, but I can't remember his name now.


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