Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bill's Reaction to Seeing The Donald's "Special Guest Stars"....

Kinda says it all......

Shamelessly swiped from Angel's blog.


  1. Another episode of As The Sphincter Puckers.

  2. No, Bill didn't have sexual relations with Hillary. But who would? Really -- ok Yoko Ono claims to have 'had' Hillary and naturally Huma Weiner. I'd think that Bill would have better taste...literally.

    1. The Hildebeast wasn't that bad looking when she was younger.

      But, wow....the years have NOT been kind to her.

      Must be all that evil and hate bottled up inside here.....

  3. I'm LL. It's hard to blame Bill for not wanting to "be" with something that died inside, long ago.


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