Saturday, August 27, 2016

Fleet Week L.A. Coming Up

Was on the Iowa all day to help conduct some VIP tours of the radio areas and the CEC.

Had good, steady crowds all day, and they were setting up for some kind of "Bacon and Beer" festival tonight.

The "Bacon Nation" food truck was there, along with a couple of others, and the people handling the beer concession brought in THREE trucks of kegs of specialty brews from the local brewers.

The shore power installation is 99% finished, and there's talk they might cut over, and get OFF the generator, on Monday.

Finished up the day with a one hour presentation on the state of "drones" in various areas of aerial and undersea use.

Pretty good talk by my friend and radio compadre "Mr. Z".

More HERE at the PBC website.

I'm beat, and have to get back to work on the Supra Sunday. Left front suspension is 99.9% finished, and ready to go back in the car. Hopefully the right front wont take me THREE WEEKS to rebuild now that I have all the proper tools, and learned a whole bunch from the left side!


  1. Good luck with the Supra rebuild. It's fun to see the Iowa move forward through your eyes. We do need to plan a day when you will be there and have time for me to come by.

    1. If you come by on a Wednesday, there will be enough people in the radio room that I'll be able to take you down to Broadway where the transmitter room is.

      And then we can go visit the "Aft Main Plot" room where the "Rangekeeper" electromechanical computer is located, along with the big brass handles that fire the main guns.

      Plan on spending a good 4 hours!

  2. Good luck with the right side...LOL Just remember everything is backward over there. :-)

    1. Good thing it's not in Australia, because then it would be upsidedown!

  3. I am surprised that a battleship museum would be in liberal California. Do they give the real war history?

    Good luck with your suspension!

    A blessed Sunday to you!

    1. Thanks, Linda.

      Well, there are several warships that are extremely popular (and somewhat profitable) in California.

      San Diego has the USS Midway aircraft carrier, and the USS Hornet is in Alameda, near San Francisco.

      When the Iowa came up for release from the Mothball Fleet in Suisun Bay, San Francisco had a group that wanted to get it.

      The liberals howled in protest, saying that "We don't want an "Instrument of War" where our children can see it", as if the ship were guilty of something.

      After a protracted bidding procedure, Los Angeles won, and the ship was brought here at great expense, and the careful following of all "environmental" regulations.

      The people of LA are thrilled to have her here, and complaints from the visitors are few and far between.

      Somebody posted a negative review (on Yelp I think), blathering on about how "disgraceful" it was to have such an "implement of destruction" available for public access.

      Don't like it? Don't come visit her! Simple as that.

      ALL of the Veterans we have come visit are grateful to be welcomed aboard, and the general public is 99.99% pleased with their experience aboard her.

      And we are 100% self-supporting. We get NO money from any local, state, or federal organization. We pay the "going rate" to the Port of Los Angeles for the berthing space, and rely totally on paid admissions, donations, and private grants to keep her maintained, upgraded, and to fund new exhibits aboard.


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