Saturday, July 11, 2015

Headed Home Sunday Morning

The girls went ziplining on Hilo, and I spent the day wandering around looking like a tourist.

The luau the other night was fun, and yes, I ate some poi. It's not too bad if you dump a little salt on it, and if it's the only way you have to get your carbs, then it's the only way to get your carbs!

Part of the entertainment was a brief history of Polynesian cultures as represented by dance, so naturally they started with the hula, and then did other dances from the other islands, ending with the required torch-spinning dancer. Pretty impressive stuff, and very well done.

So, after dinner (pizza from a local place called "Get Sum", and it's really good!) I'm going to try and pack everything back in to my bug duffle so we can lug it to the airport tomorrow morning. I didn't buy a lot of stuff; a tee shirt for my son, two 8 oz bags of "Kona Joe's" 100% Kona coffee, and few other trinkets, so everything should go in the bag, including the stuff the girls bought.

I'll post some pix after we get back to the mainland.......


  1. Travel safe, and looking forward to the pics! :-)

  2. Got in at LAX about 20 minutes early.

    NO GATE ready!

    Got a gate and took 45 minutes to get our luggage.

    Checked in with the Super Shuttle people and then waited NINETY MINUTES for a not-so-Super Shuttle to gather up enough people to make the trip from LAX to Long Beach worth while.

    Didn't get to sleep until almost 0330............


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