Friday, April 3, 2015

Two Days Upcoming on the Iowa.....

I'll be there all day tomorrow to escort the Northrup-Grumman (formerly TRW) Amateur Radio Club around, and then for special visitor we're having Sunday.

He's a retired Radioman from the Missouri, and is taking part in the Iowa's Oral History program where we're attempting to get as many WWII vets on tape as possible.

He made a request to see the Radio and Transmitter Rooms, and we're more than happy to acommodate him.

And I'll bet I pick up more than few tips on the transmitters and couplers!


  1. Enjoy the time with the old gent! :-)

  2. He didn't show up, but there were two others there I spent some time with. Amazing to talk to these guys about life in the Navy, circa 1940's!

    The Saturday special tour really wore me out. It was just too many people to move around (two groups of 20+), and we constantly had problems with people going off the tour route down to Broadway, and then having to round them up.

    Since this tour isn't on the standard tour, none of the spaces you pass by are roped off, and sure enough, people would duck into side rooms to look around.

    I wound being the "Bad Guy Caboose" and almost had to physically drag one guy out of a space.

    I wrote up a 4 page Lessons Learned which was well received by all concerned, so we're going to implement some significant changes before we offer the tour again.

    Bad thing is there's another scheduled for this coming Saturday, BUT it's retired military officers, so I hope they follow directions a bit better!

    We also had three kids on this one, who were very tired and cranky from spending 12 hours at Disneyland the day before. One thing we're going to enforce is NO children under 10 on this tour!

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