Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rats! More Plumbing Problems.....

WELL....the plumbing repair didn't work out. My wife started doing laundry last week, and the water started bubbling up again.

We had our plumber friend come over, and he installed another clean-out tee at the garage, and had a friend of his come over with the BIG power snake, and snake the line from the garage to past where it tees into the drain from the house.

They didn't really find any obstructions, and the line is clear from the garage to the street.

Final diagnosis is that the pipe is running up hill from the garage to the house clean-out tee, and water doesn't run uphill very well. It probably got in this condition from land movement and earthquakes over the seventy years since the pipe was installed when they built the house in 1942.

SO......about half the digging is done, and there's another 20 or so feet to go to get to the junction. Monday morning they'll be back out here to finish digging out the old clay-pipe line, and replace it with new ABS pipe, with the correct downhill slope to it, and backfill the trench.

And I was just getting the back yard to look decent.

At least we're getting a big break on the cost of the job, which usually runs about $100/linear foot of pipe replaced.

Since these guys are friends of out good friend, the whole job will "only" cost $1500 instead of $4000 for 40 feet of line replaced.

Oh, the joys of being a homeowner!


  1. Ah yes... the 'joys' of home ownership... But at least you're getting it done, rather than continuing to fight a losing battle!!!

    1. Yeah, and we're having it done correctly by *real* plumbing guys.

      I guess we're lucky. She's owned the house for about 15 years now, and hasn't had to put much money into it. Her oldest son re-roofed it for us about 5 years ago, and then painted it after we had new vinyl double-pane windows installed.

  2. Man oh man do I know what you are going through.

    It is nice that you are getting a smokin' deal. I have had to dig that kind of thing up by hand before and fix it, my back can't take that anymore. It couldn't take it then either but now I'm just too freakin' old to be out digging and slinging dirt around.
    That lower back fusion I had thirty years ago is finally telling me to quit being an idiot.

    You might as well crack a cold one and watch at this point eh?

    1. I helped our buddy the plumber dig out the first part when he put the new clean-out tee in, and that wasn't too bad.

      But man, there's no freaking way I'm digging out 40 feet of trench this time!

  3. You blew my mind with the statement that what was a downhill water run is now uphill. I'm in a part of the country where things like that Just Don't Happen. It's as impossible as leaving things outside and having them freeze. I could probably count on my fingers the number of times that has happened since Y2K.

    1. Yep, the ground moves around a lot out here in 70 years.

      That would be unheard of back in Illinois where I grew up.

  4. Good for you for having a plumber friend that can help you.


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