Thursday, February 5, 2015

Holy Smokes, Two Thousand Pageviews In One Day!

Apparently my post on getting one of the Iowa's transmitters working again was re-posted on somebody's Facebook page, and now I'm getting a whole LOT of pageviews, and offers of help!

I'm humbled by all this!

I sure didn't get it running all by myself.

The "Grey Radio Gang" are the guys doing all the heavy lifting, and I'm just the guy that got handed the title of Lead Technician, primarily because of my previous work experience with high voltage and high power transmitters of various types.

Don't give me any medals or accolades.......give them to the team that's making this possible. I couldn't possibly have gotten this far without their support.


  1. Not bad at all! It's always rewarding (and a bit mystifying, sometimes) when that happens.

  2. Yeah, wound up with a total of almost 3000 hits that day.

    Turns out somebody put a link to the Iowa Transmitter post on a Ham Radio Facebook page, and that's where 95%+ of the traffic came from.

  3. Just checked, and I have TWELVE today.

    Ahhhhh....things are back to "normal"!

  4. LOL. Fame is so fleeting.

    Excellent job on the radios. Now how about I help get the main batteries firing again. We can test them against the residences of known outspoken leftists living within twenty miles of the coastline.

  5. 24 miles if we have fresh powder!

  6. Nice article at ARRL.ORG (dated 2/10) and the blog got a mention. Just saw it today.
    Great job.


  7. Thanks, Terry.

    I'll be doing another post, as after today, we now have THREE working transmitters, although one of them is down on power due to insufficient drive.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Great job! I was an ET in the navy and was an HF tech on the USS Nashville(LPD-13) from 2002-2005. I had 5 URT-23C's and 10 URT-24's. And yes I STILL have all my schematics and notes from when I was in A school training and HF C school!

    Keep up the good work!


  10. They picked up the article for the ARRL Letter. I just received it in email.
    Your FAMOUS!!!


    1. Yeah, well now my "cover" is blown!

      Rick Lindquist and I emailed back and forth several times concerning the news article after he, too, found this little blog.

      I don't wear "fame" well, but hopefully this will blow over, and I'll go back to my normal 10~50 pageviews per day......


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