Saturday, January 10, 2015

Engineering Spaces Tour on the Battleship Iowa on Sunday

For the crew only, and I'm taking my camera!

Some of it I've seen before, but we're going to see the steerage area where the rudders are controlled, and some other things on the 3rd deck.

 Pix to come Sunday evening......

And then on the 27th, I'll be taking a crew only tour of the superstructure.

Pictures will, of course, be posted following that tour......


  1. Envy!!! That should be interesting, especially the aft steering set up.

  2. 1215 local here, and I'm just getting ready to leave.

    Have a few things to do in the radio room, and then off to the tour!

  3. What ML & NFO said. Aft Steering was an anti-climax on my 1944 destroyer, but the motor on the Iowa's rudders ought to be a tad bigger.


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