Wednesday, October 15, 2014

250,000 Page Views!

Which aint bad for a little blog that's not updated regularly, doesn't run pr0n, and really doesn't have much to say.

Spent all day on the Iowa finishing up the three W-J 8718A receivers we have.

Next week we'll run some tests on them to determine if they all meet the sensitivity specs, and if they do, we'll call it a wrap.

*Most* of the 1051 receivers are working, but about half of them need the belts that connect the tuning mechanisms to the front panel knobs replaced.

We were able to contact the company that makes the drive belts, and they graciously provided us with enough spares to replace all the belts in all the receivers (we have something like 20 of them), along with some extra spares for the parts cabinet.

Now that we have the W-J 8718A's back on-line, my focus is going to shift to getting the original HF transmitters running again.

The first step will be to physically inspect each one to see if any parts or assemblies have been pulled, and "red tag" any we find that have had parts removed.

Then we'll pick a likely one that's easy to get at, and start running the "New Installation" guide in the back of the manual we have.

These are rated at 1000 Watts continuous (100% Duty Cycle) use, and could put out quite a bit more with a different power supply.


  1. Woo hoo! :-) Sounds like you're having fun now! :-)

    1. Yeah, we're sloooowly bringing the Iowa's radios back to life.

      From what I've heard, she had the most complete set of comm gear out of the four.

      We're only missing two of the transmitters; the rest are there, including all the WSC-3 ("Whiskey 3") UHF satcom units!

  2. A little context would be helpful. 250,000 page views since when? Since starting? A year ago? A month ago? Yesterday?

    Congrats on reaching the benchmark...

    1. Total, since I started blogging in 2009.

      If I would have gotten 250k "since yesterday". I'd be too busy to respond!


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