Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oh, NO! Borepatch Has Been Hurt On His Bike!

Just heard he took a spill, and is in the hospital.

Get well soon!


  1. Damn, hope he is okay! Any details on how bad ? I enjoy reading his blog, he doesn't take Anon comments or I'd comment there too.

    My wife has dropped her bike twice - both times when she was going very slowly and no traffic behind her to hit her. Still had to drag herself out of it - bruises to inner thigh were surreal, she was hurting bad. I remind her that those accidents were best case scenarios - hitting or getting hit by another would be a world of suck. She's a true biker - sez what will be will be.

  2. Broke 5 ribs and his collarbone.

  3. I talked to him on the phone after it happened and he woke up in ICU. It was 7 ribs and the collarbone. They kept him a couple of nights but he has a friend that is going to drive him home in a rental car while another tows the bike home in a trailer. He was loopy from the meds but realized it could have been much worse. The bike is fixable, but Borepatch will be a few months mending.

  4. Thanks, Bridgid.

    I'm keeping track of his progress on his blog.

    My sister fell out of a swing set when she was about 6 years old, and broke her collarbone.


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