Friday, October 31, 2014

Haloween Weirdness

While passing out the candy tonight, I had my Home Patrol scanner on so I could keep up with police activity.

While I didn't catch the area where this was going on, it definitely falls into the "YGTBSM" category.....

A guy wearing a hockey mask, and wielding a chainsaw, was chasing Trick-or-Treaters around!

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard the frantic scramble by the cops to find the guy......


  1. Was it real, or just some guy in a Halloween costume scaring kids more than they expected?

    It didn't make the national news that I can tell, so I'm guessing some dude just did a better costume and more realistic acting than expected.

  2. It never made the news out here, either, but it was a definite call from a dispatcher.

    One of the patrol units responded with "Could you please repeat that?", and the dispatcher told him it was no prank.

    It's possible I missed the resolution of the incident when I was passing out candy, but last I heard the responding officers were looking for him.

  3. Yep, out here in "La-La Land"!


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