Thursday, July 3, 2014

Went to Pike's Peak Today

And the 14,000+ foot altitude kicked my tail end but good!

Just glad I bought a couple of cans of "Boost O2", basically 2 liters of 95% O2 in a small can, before we rode the Cog Railway to the top.

After that, we went to "Cave of the Winds", but I was too trashed to take the cave tour with my wife, her friend, and my stepson's GF.

Got up @ 0630, and didn't get back until 2100.

One good thing was when we dropped off the GF, I got to see Diamond and Coco, our two dogs that the kids took with them when they moved here. I called them, they heard me, and about knocked poor GF off her feet getting to me.

After much sniffing and licking, they settled down (a bit!) and it was fun to play with them for a while before we headed back here to our hotel.

Too beat to download my camera pix, so I'll do that tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like fun. I went to school in Boulder for a bit. If you want to see a nice train engine on display, one of the Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" locomotives is still up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and worth the trip if you're still in Ft. Collins.

  2. That's interesting, because the GF told us to go check out the Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne.

    We might head up there tomorrow, so I'll Google for the Bog Boy, and maybe take a side trip.

    So far everything we've done has been on HER itinerary, so I think it's time we did something I think is cool.

    Going to a big Independence Day BBQ, and guns and fireworks WILL be used generously!


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