Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Headed Back to Kaliforniastan......

And we'll really miss Colorado!

Yesterday we went to Estes Park, home of "The Stanley Hotel".

You've seen The Stanley before, I'm sure, as it was extensively used in a movie.

"Here's JOHNNNNNY!" should be enough of a clue.

Turns out that The Stanley was NOT used in "The Shining", but rather was a hotel Stephen King stayed in for a while, inspiring him to write the novel.

It's up at 7500 feet, like the future in-laws homestead, and walking around the grounds (no, the maze isn't there. It was shot somewhere else) kinda winded me, but not as bad as it would have the first day or two we were here.

We spent today with The Kids, going out to lunch, and then going over to their place to see "our" dogs. The dogs went nuts to see us again, but calmed down faster this time.

The stepson's GF was out walking Coco when we pulled up, and I swear she recognized my Jeep, although the GF claims the dog smelled us coming!

Anyway......we'll take The Kids out for breakfast tomorrow, give them and the dogs a big hug, and then head back to the 'Stan Wednesday.

We're going to spend the night in Mesquite, Nevada, as everybody agreed doing this drive in one 18-hour marathon is NOT fun for us Old Folks.

Besides, I want them to see the scenery during daylight hours, as when we came through there on the way out, it was "O Dark Thirty", and they didn't get to see any of the spectacular scenery West of the Continental Divide, and through Utah and Arizona.

We've taking several hundred pix, and I'll sort through them after we get back, and write little posts about some of the things we saw.


  1. Sounds like a good time. Looking forward to the pix!

  2. Good ideal, we CAN take our time now...LOL

  3. I'm glad you had a good time. Brigid Jr. lives in the foothills north of Colorado Springs. Pretty area.

  4. Brigid- Yes, the whole area from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne is just beautiful. Mountains or plains, take your pick. Plenty of wide open spaces!

    NFO- Yeah, that 18 hour drive out there about did me in! I was getting scary close to "Black Dog '"Syndrome!

    Rev.Paul- STILL working on sorting them out! The wife took one of me yelling "Finger OFF The Trigger!!!" at her friend when she was shooting the M&P 15, and turned around to smile for the camera. I was watching everybody like a hawk until I knew who was safely handling the firearms, and who wasn't, and then I devoted extra attention to the newbies who still needed The Four Rules pounded into them!

  5. BTW....we arrived back in The LBC about 1600. Got the Jeep unloaded, and went to pick the dog up from the "pet hotel" at PetSmart where we boarded her.

    She ignored me until I got her home, got her favorite toys out, and gave her a biscuit.

    All is forgiven now, and she got a B+ on her Doggie Report Card!


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