Sunday, July 6, 2014

Shooting and Boating, But NOT at the Same Time

Well, we went shooting today the the stepson's GF's parent's place.

First of all, their homestead is located at seventy five hundred feet above sea level!

After the 14,000+ foot excursion to Pike's peak, which really knocked me for a loop, this wasn't too bad. At least I didn't have to stop every 10 or 15 steps to get my breath.

I *finally* got to fire and AR pattern rifle, the stepson's slightly customized M&P-15.

He got quite a deal on the rifle and EOTech holographic sight for it; $400 for the rifle, and $400 for the sight!

We were firing the Wold Gold ammo I bought him, and it fed perfectly, went BANG everytime, and he seemed to feel it was more accurate than the reloaded stuff he'd been buyinh.

The M&P-15 is a really sweet rifle, and my wife, who is pretty recoil-sensitive, had NO problems firing it, and getting solid hits on the 100-yard steels they have on their range.

After I'd learned the controls, and fired a few "practice" rounds through it, I was able to get solid hits on the 100 and 200-yard steels with it.

I even got fancy, and was alternating shots between the 100 and 200 yard targets, getting solid hits almost every time. If I fired too fast, I'd miss one, but if I waited until I had the pipper solidly on the target, I got a hit every single time!

The GF's brother also brought several rifles, including a Henry "Survival Rifle" in 22LR, and Marlin 336 in 30-30, identical to mine, and a Winchester 94 in 30-30.

I was getting solid hits on the 200-yard steel with both rifles using Hornady LeverEvolution ammo.

The Marlin had a "Factory" 3-9x32mm scope on it, while the Winchester had classic buckhorn sights.

Getting solid 200-yard hits with open sights surprised me, but then I haven't been rifle shooting since I got my new glasses about six months ago.

Then we headed down to the Horsetooth Reservoir @5400 feet for an afternoon of boating, with The Kids going nuts tubing, while all us Old Folks just enjoying the scenery.

And it sure feels good to be back to "only" 4980 feet!

I'm jumping in the shower, and then to bed.......


  1. So when you gonna join the 21st century and get an AR? Can't wrest California back from the liberals without one.

    1. Ahhhhhhh.......don't tell anybody, but that's "in work" as we used to say at Boeing.

      Let's just say "80%" and leave it at that........

  2. Is this the guy you got the Wolf Gold .223 for? How did you like that?

    Cheapest reloadable brass .223 I get ads for.

    1. Yep. I checked all the reviews for various types of "budget" 223/556, and the Wolf GOLD got consistently great reviews.

      His future brother-in-law and father-in-law agreed with me about how smoothly it fed, and since they shoot LOTS of 223, and were impressed by this "budget" ammo's accuracy, I'd have to put it on the "Great Buy" list.

      They also agreed with me about NEVER shooting the steel-cased stuff in an American made AR type rifle. They both experienced case head separation with brass cased ammo after shooting the lacquered steel case stuff.

      The father shoots the steel cased ammo in his AK and SKS all the time, and has no problem going between brass and steel cased ammo in those guns, but they both had the lacquer build up in their American guns, just we'd all read about on various blogs and forums.

    2. Roger your last. I always figure "use com bloc ammo in com bloc guns" - like your father.-in-law says. I always use Western ammo in mine: Federal, Fiocchi, PMC, S&B...

    3. He's my stepson's future father-in-law.

      It gets kind of convoluted, but he and his son (the whole family, actually) are great people.

  3. LOL, sounds like the glasses are working well! :-)


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