Saturday, April 14, 2012


OK, the YF and I finally sat down and watched "Serenity".
Kinda made us both regretting we didn't watch my boxed set of "Firefly" FIRST!
And now I finally get all the quotes I've seen floating around The Net these last few years.
I'm definitely going to take "Firefly" with me when I go out on the next launch, along with "Miami Vice", and "Dead Like Me", neither of which I've seen all the episodes of.


  1. I think I saw all the episodes of Firefly before seeing the movie (in the theater) - there weren't that many episodes. Sometimes, like on a holiday weekend (Memorial Day?) you'll catch an all day, every episode run on SciFi channel. I think SciFi network bought them up.

    It was before I came over "to the dark side" and joined the gun culture. I was a little puzzled/surprised by how widely admired the series is, but it makes sense.

  2. I bought the entire series, all 14 episodes, and the movie on Blu-Ray a couple of years ago, but just never got around to watching them. I'd heard about it, but a "Space Western", which is what it was billed as, didn't interest me at the time.
    Then I started blogging, and keep seeing all the quotes and references to the series, and it moved up a few notches on my "To Do Real Soon Now" list.
    The YF wanted to stay home and watch a movie last night, so I picked an old Richard Widmark movie, "Run For The Sun", but even though my Blu-Ray player will play a PAL disc, it won't play one from a different region without doing a firmware hack to it, which I didn't feel like doing last night.
    So we picked "Serenity", and were both pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

  3. Gotta watch the episodes in order, then Serenity again.
    Like so many, I was gifted with them, but ignored the idea
    of a 'libertarian space western'
    Welcome to the Browncoats!

  4. Yeah, watching "Serenity" first kinda gave away some of the plot elements, but then watching the series will give me all the backstory.

  5. The Science Channel runs Firefly marathons once in a while as well. Bonus: Christina Hendricks is in a couple episodes.

    I saw the movie before I'd seen the series, too. Watching the episodes cleared up why the characters acted the way they did around River Tam in particular. The other characters were all fairly well fleshed out at one point or another as well. Well written and acted all the way around.

  6. After watching the movie, I started reading about the series online, and it definitely explained a few things that were a bit fuzzy, like the timeline of *when* River and her brother were taken onboard.
    The series should make good viewing after hours when I'm out at-sea next month..


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