Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Doolittle Raid 70 Years Ago Today

Growing up and watching movies like "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" and "Destination Tokyo", and with my Dad being a former SeaBee, I had nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for our fighting men.
They truly were "The Greatest Generation" of humble men who did what they had to do, didn't seek any fame our fortune from it, and then went back to civilian life.
70 years ago today, a small group of these valiant men took off in their B-25 "Mitchell" bombers from the deck of the USS Hornet, and flew just above the waves to attack Tokyo.
The attack didn't cause much damage, but was tremendous boost to U.S. morale, and scared the Japanese enough to recall a portion of their fleet to guard the home islands.
Today, only five of the original 80 flight crew members are still with us, the rest having passed on to the pages of history.
The Washington Times has a very nice tribute to these brave men. Go over and read it, and learn a bit more about this mission.


  1. "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" was the first real-life book that I can recall reading, around the age of 10 or so. It made a lasting impression on me, and I'm still in love with the aircraft, ships, and histories of that era.

  2. yes, that was a time when America still was the America I grew up in.
    When men were MEN, women were women, and we all treated each other with respect.
    Guess I might be considered "Old Fashioned", but that's the way my parents brought me up......

  3. Thanks... I was lucky enough to know "Sally" Crouch... They NEVER considered themselves heroes...

  4. Thanks for that Washington Times link about the Raiders. I wish I was in Dayton now.

  5. Dayton = Wright Patterson. I'd love to be there, too. The last Doolittle Raider reunion is going on now. Just five of them left.

  6. Ahhhh....since I've been in "Radio Mode" these last few days, when I hear "Dayton", I think "Hamvention".
    Totally forgot about Wright-Pat!


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