Monday, April 18, 2011

"First Day" Back At Work.....

.......And I spent half the day shaking hands with people I'd worked with there for over five years.
Went through my security briefings, got my badges and parking decal, and a stack of paperwork to fill out for the medical benefits, 401(k), direct deposit, yadda-yadda-yadda.
Everything has been "Cold Iron" for over a year now, and yes, they're worried too, that some things might not / will not power back up, either properly, or at all.
We're completely replacing the data aggregator for the satcom system, so tomorrow my task will be to get the antenna and uplink controllers reprogramed to track the satellite we'll be temporarily using, shifting all the carrier and data frequencies to the new values, and setting the cross-pole correctly, so the preliminary testing of the new data system will run without worrying that something is wrong with the RF link up to the bird.
Geez....I could have sworn I wrote and distributed some clear-and-concise documents for the youngsters to follow, AND trained them in how-to-do-it, but everybody there is scared shitless to actually DO anything, touch anything, or program any new values into the controllers.
Oh, well. Gives Old Greybeards like me a chance to teach them again, make some extra retirement cash, and have fun.


  1. Hehehe- BTDT, I am also a member of the Old Crows :-) Have fun and teach em (yet again)!!!

  2. I'll teach 'em the simple stuff, but the "devious" stuff they'll have to figure out for themselves!

    BTW....the testing is going great, with ZERO uplink problems.


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