Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Delta-IV Heavy Launch Thursday at 2108UTC / 1308 PST

Don't know if we'll be able to see a daylight launch from here in the SouthBay, but I'm sure gonna try!

Mission Status

Launch was successful!

All I was able to see from here was a rather short, disappointing contrail. The last launch was a night launch, and was pretty cool to see. I tried to get some pix of that one, but didn't set my camera up on the tripod, so.....nothing but blurred pics.
Oh, well....


  1. It will be the largest ever launch from Vandy... Enjoy!

  2. I thought it was yesterday, so like a dummy I was out in the front yard with camera and the 400mm lens on it.
    The neighbors are used to me now, though, so when they see me wandering around the front yard with a camera, or a hand-held antenna and radio wearing my headphones, they don't stop and stare anymore!


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