Friday, January 14, 2011

Been Pretty Busy Lately......

So I haven't posted much. The company I was assigned to at my last job has come out of Chapter 11, and is looking to get cranked up again. So, I've been working with another company that's going to bid on providing the services they need. It's an interesting combination of Radio (RF) work, along with a ton of networking support and PC maintenance, and regular maintenance on all the other equipment located on both of the vessels they operate. Since this job requires some very unique skills, the place I'm consulting to is ecstatic that they found me, as I've been able to explain all the arcane things that go on there. Plus, I'm still in contact with most of the old gang, so as Elwood would say, "We're getting the band back together".
I just bought a neat little gun vice from Cabela's, so I'll get some pix of it this weekend, and give a brief review of it. It's easy enough to clean to clean a handgun just sitting at the table, but my rifles were just too cumbersome to do without some kind of holding device.


  1. That's great news! Back to the salt mines again :-) But what the hey, a paycheck IS a paycheck, right?

  2. More like back to sea 4~5 times a year for 3~4 weeks each time!
    The customer is looking for a 20% cost reduction, and considering what the last contractor (think BIG airplane company) was charging them, we could easily make our previous salaries, build up a nice "contingency fund" in the new company, and still come in AT LEAST 20% cheaper.
    Be nice to get back to sea again. Guess I inherited the 'salt water in my veins' from Dad.


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