Tuesday, August 11, 2009


In reflecting back on what I wrote about the Steve Canyon DVD's, I see that I looked up to these men as heroes.
I've always had heroes. Little boys need heroes so that when we grow up into men, we know how to act.
My list, in no particular order, except for number one!
My Dad
Ben Franklin
Winston Churchill
The Mercury Seven
The Crews of Apollo 11 and Apollo 13
Chuck Yeager
Bob Hoover
Scott Crossfield
Ronald Reagan
Curtis LeMay
Jeff Cooper
Jimmy Stewart
John Wayne
Dan Gurney
Mario Andretti
My high-school English teacher, Mr. Burke
My electronics mentors Pete Gavankar, Kent Earle, and Bob Pease
And many, many others who, just by their being and example, taught me important things that have stayed with me throughout my life.
Some of these men were flamboyant, some were simple. All lived their lives with strength, courage, commitment, and honor. I know they had their faults, because people do, but it's never stopped me froam admiring them.
Like RADM Tarrant said at the end of "The Bridges at Toko-Ri"
"Where do we find such men?"
God knows we sure could use a bunch of them now.......


  1. Agreed with most of those. (not all, I don't know your dad or anything.)

    For my own list, I'd have to add the following:

    Carl Segan
    Col John Stapp
    James Randi
    Glenn Seaborg


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