Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Coming American Dictatorship

Just read this on Backwoods Home Magazine, and it really gave me pause.
It's a good discussion about the Tenth Amendment Movement, and how they're trying to restore the balance of power between the States and the Feds. Excellent reading, and I highly recommend it.
Besides, Dear Old Dad always said FDR was a commie, and this gives good examples of why my father thought that way.


  1. Yep, Obama and his socialist commie friends are finishing what Wilson and FDR started.

    Dear God have mercy on us and watch over the Republic.

  2. It is a good read, and on point!

  3. Despite my dislike of government programs, I'm not so sure that being all for state sovernty is really a huge way of avoiding it. My experience is that state government can be just as bad as the feds. My prefernce is therefore that the total size of state government + federal government should be kept small.

    Also, there are some things that I'm tolerant of the federal government taking over, if only for consistancy. Try moving from one state to another while attending high school and you'll understand. It sucks. They all have different deligation of subjects per year. For example, in New York State, they don't teach math by doing alegebra one year and geometry the next. They teach it combined as "Mathmatics I" and "Mathmatics II" and "Mathmatics III" Connecticut does teach them in different courses - try transfering from one to the other mid-schooling.

    At least federal stuff is consistant.

  4. Excellent points!
    I don't mind *some* Federal standards, but like you, I think both the Feds and the states have way too much government.

  5. The one thing that centralized governments tend to be very good at is setting standards - or rather, they're generally the only body that can do that. Not necessarily enforce those standards, but establish them.

    This was one of the original reasons for the formation of a lot of inter-governmental organizations like the European Union and to a lesser degree the United States. Representatives from states can decide on standards which they are all bound to adhere to.

    This is as much as practicle thing as anything else. You run into a lot of problems if New Jersey has electricity running at 50Hz, New York at 60 Hz and Pennsylvania at 48Hz. If they all ran their phone systems at different voltages, their railroads at different gauges and used different currency conversion, there would be a lot of trouble.

    Some of the best things that the federal government has done, in terms of making it possible for the nation to move effeciently was establishing standards like this. They're generally arbitrary, but you need a body that everyone can agree on and get representation from.

    The four time zones.
    Railroad time tables.
    Aviation Safety Standard.
    The national currency.
    Broadcast band plans and so on.

    This is really what the government is for, more than to do stupid and useless things like try to tinker in the social system.


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