Monday, May 25, 2009

*NEW*! Obama Approved Weapon!

This has been at the range I go to for several weeks now.
H/T to The Wandering Minstrel for posting it.


  1. Huh,I've been thinking about actually getting one of those. Good to know it will be Obama approved. Then we can fight the government like the Palestinians do,by slinging rocks at tanks.

  2. I should warn you that possession of a slingshot is a felony in New Jersey.


  3. that was my weapon of choice as a teenager..of course we shot steel ball bearings out of ours.

  4. Need steel BBs, bout 00 buck size :-)

  5. I doubt if Obama would approve. I have used one like this one. They pack a punch.

  6. There should be sensible restrictions on the composition of the rubber bands and limits on the projectiles' size and weight. The slingshots should be registered and the ammo serialized as well. It's only reasonable. No one really needs a powerful and dangerous slingshot, after all. Most egregious are the "wrist rockets." They should be banned altogether.

    /sarcasm off


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