Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Day At The Range

Ahhhh...I feel so relaxed after putting 350 rounds downrange!
Practiced my presentation from close-ready, my trigger pull and reset, emergency reloads, and worked to improve my stance. I tend to 'blade off' a bit too much, so I'm trying to maintain a more 'square' stance. Of course if I was shooting from cover I'd take whatever stance I needed to prevent exposing more of myself than necessary, but that's not 'target' shooting. Went through a bunch of SEB targets, and I can get three, quick shots into the upper box, all within a few inches of each other. Still can't quite do a couple of slower shots smack into the upper triangle after the first three, but almost all of them are either on the edge, or in the triangle.
Hmmmmm..."How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?"......PRACTICE!
And I can drill the circles, boxes, and triangles along the sides without problem.
I also ran into a friend of mine I hadn't seen in several years. I never knew he was into shooting, so it was fun to catch up on old times, and do some gun talk.


  1. I've forgone practice until the prices go back down to a more reasonable level. It kinda sucks to see some of the calibers I shoot going for a buck a round.

  2. Yeah, after I got home I realized I blew through about $100 worth of ammo! Two boxes were some Fiocchi that I had for quite a while and wanted to get rid of. My Kimber just doesn't like it, and I get repeated failure-to-ejects. It also shoots pretty dirty, so I'm glad it's gone. I went through a couple of boxes of Magtech I got in bulk some time back, and a box of Winchester "White Box" that was partially used from training. Talking about ammo prices is getting to be like talking about gas prices....."I remember when.....".
    Hopefully it will come down in price again. $25/box for WWB, even if it *is* JHP, is a bit steep. I always thought in the back of my mind that Our Great Leader would try and orchestrate something like can keep your guns and buy new ones to your hearts content, but ammo will henceforth be $25/round!

  3. 230-gr JHP .45ACP ammo - WWB - was going for $27.98/box at Sportsman's Warehouse here in Anchorage on Saturday. It's the first .45 auto they've had in stock since January, and I suspect it's probably gone by today. I got in at opening time on Saturday morning, and grabbed the first three boxes from the top of the pyramid.

  4. Damn! The one day we skipped going to the range and you show up there. Sorry we missed the eyeball opportunity.

    Last weekend I found some Remington UMC .45ACP on sale at Big 5 Sporting Goods in Hawthorne. They had four boxes and I bought them all for $22.95.

  5. I usually go in the afternoon, and I think you guys go in the morning?
    I *did* run into a friend of mine I hadn't seen in about 4 years. I never knew he was into shooting, so we had a good old time catching up and talking about guns stuff.

  6. I can't find .45 at any price. Which is why I'm sitting on the 1500+ rounds I have stashed away.

  7. Yeah, the online places I usually buy from are all out-of-stock. My range had a bunch, and I grabbed a case a couple of weeks ago. I think I have about 2500 rounds of FMJ, and about 1000 of JHP.
    I just got another notice from Sportsman's Guide about the 1000 rounds of 357 I have on backorder. The new "estimated" delivery date is the middle of June. And I ordered it in December!

  8. Atlanta Arms and Ammo! I buy cases from them and they deliver within 7 days... And yeah, cost is impacting trigger time, well that and my travel schedule...sigh...


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