Friday, April 3, 2009

"President"? NOT MINE!

Ok, I don't often go on a rant here, but this has me really steamed. I heard a replay on Mike Church this morning of "President" Obama giving his speech in England. I was stunned at the comments this moron made. This empty-headed, marxist-socialist, Godless EVIL man made comments unbefitting of the office of the President of the United States. He has no respect for the countless dead who gave their lives defending the very FREEDOM that enabled this doofus to get elected.
Yes, the United States has a very high standard of living, but guess what? We worked hard for it! We took an empty continent and built the greatest, strongest country in the world from scratch. We built railroads and factories. We built dams and power plants. We feed a good portion of the world, and we saved Europe's sorry ass TWICE this century. We built and flew the first practical aircraft, and sent men to the Moon. We researched and perfected modern pharmacology, and invented the technology that makes CT and MRI scans possible. We had the greates auto industry in the world, and while most of Europe was puttering around in 75 cubic-inch econoboxes, we had V8-powered family sedans that let us effortlessly cross the continent we tamed. Yes, times have changed, and being more energy efficient is a good thing. I'm an Engineer by trade and training, and efficiency is always good, but this "Crap-and-Trade" plan he's proposing is pure vomit. More socialism from the latest in "Dear Leaders", and it's going to doom us.
But then never having had a REAL job in his life, I guess he woundn't understand the rewards that hard work brings.


  1. We don't consider him our president either, Dr. Jim. In fact, since the day he usurped office, we started flying the flag of the State of Indiana (my Gadsden was getting pretty ratty anyway).

    We have dark days ahead of us, and doubly so for our children and grandchildren.

  2. It saddens me to say it, but I must agree with you, my friend.
    I used to chuckle when I saw people flying the US flag upside-down. Now I'm not so sure....

  3. Well said drjim! We a re in for a LONG four years...


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