Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Day by Day" Sidebar Getting Redirected?

Hmmmm....first noticed this on the days leading up to April 15th. My side window with the current "Day by Day" comic strip displays correctly, but clicking on it does NOT take you to their website.
The HTML code doesn't appear to have been changed, so all I can guess it that it's a redirect being ordered at some point.
Annoying as all HELL, so I've removed the "Day By Day" widget.
Anybody else have a similar problem??


  1. I hadn't noticed it and checked it out - the website mine takes me to is where the proprietor mentions Chris Muir using an idea of his, and a comment from Chris thanking him for the inspiration.

  2. Not until you mentioned it... I don't use sidewindows, so my direct link still works.

  3. Maybe I'll just put up a direct link. It's a neat strip!

  4. The strip at the bottom of my front page ( links to DBD. It doesn't redirect to the other site. Maybe it is only the sidebar version.

    I would alert Chris Muir to the problem.


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