Thursday, May 16, 2024

Supras and Stereos.....

 The repairs on the Fisher RS-2010 are proceeding, but a bit slower than I expected. The failed transistor is an obsolete part number, so I had to search around and find a proper substitute. Found a replacement, but it turns out those are obsolete, too, so more searching took place. Finally found a suitable, modern transistor, and it's compliment, and ordered 10 of each. I also found numerous electrolytic capacitors that were used AT, or slightly under, their maximum rated voltage. Running a capacitor rated 63 Volts in a 60 Volt circuit is a huge mistake. I'm surprised they haven't failed already. So, parts are (finally) on order, and I'll continue to clean it up as I wait for the parts to arrive. Parts installation and reassembly isn't difficult, and then I can do the alignment of the receiver, and finish it up.

And work continues on the Supra. The front Main Seal was starting to leak, and between the oil, and rubber dust from belt wear, it was real grease pit under the timing cover.

Took a lot of scrubbing, but things are clean now, and I can start putting this section back together.

Next up is to get the intake runners off so I can clean up this side of the engine.


Should be pretty nice looking after it's finished.


  1. If nothing else, YOU will know it's clean! :-)

    1. You Betcha! I always clean the things I'm working on. It's sooo much nicer to put nice clean parts together than greasy scuzzy ones!

  2. I saw that first engine picture and wondered what kind of evil shenanigans you were hiding with white out. Then I realized it was just a rag stuffed in a hole. Pretty nice rags. Mine are all grungy, not fairy princess white. I'm jealous.

    1. It's some paper towels stuffed into the water pump cavity. Even though I'd pulled the hoses and radiator, there was still some coolant in the block that poured out when I pulled the pump.


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