Thursday, February 15, 2018

We Can Hope.......

Found over at Common Sense Evaluation.


  1. You sure were right about the wind! I didn't try and raise the antenna because I hadn't worked out what to do about the ground radials. Now that that's finished, I'll just wait for the weather to cooperate.

  2. Given this thing in Florida, I am even more glad President Trump is around than ever. I don't trust the Republicans to protect the 2nd Amendment. I remember going to bed the night of the vote on the Feinstein "Gun Ban" and all the news stations saying the Dims didn't have the votes to pass it. Then I woke up the next morning, and enough Republicans had turned craven to pass it. The result was ten years of B.S. that amounted to harassment, pure and simple. I know the President won't sign anything like that, no matter what the worms in Congress do.

  3. Barack is speaking up and I don't know whether or not he will get the jail term that he deserves and has earned. Harder to speak up from a cell.

  4. Prager University - Restricted by You Tube videos

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