Thursday, November 9, 2017

More Updates.....

The furniture was delivered, assembled, and set up this  morning, and the fence guy is here. He's already got all the old fence panels removed, and we're waiting for the Bobcat to get here so they can start pulling the posts.

At least three of the posts have completely rotted away at the soil line, so they're going to hammer-drill and mount some RedHeads in the concrete to pull the "stump" out. The other posts should come out by strapping them solidly to the bucket on the Bobcat, and just yanking them out. The soil is pretty moist right now, and these guys have done this hundreds of times, so I'm hoping it goes OK.

Not sure if they'll set the new posts today, and I don't know the cure time on the amount of concrete used to set a post (they're using QuickCrete, so 4~6 hours?), so I'm guessing the posts and panels should be done by Friday. Then Dave-O our carpenter/fence guy/installer can build us the double gate and get it hung, and Pebbles can have the whole back yard to explore.

And I'm off to do some banking. I need to transfer some money around at my Credit Union in Kalifornia, and it's no longer a short drive to do it!

They sent me the forms, which I can fill out except for the signature. That means I fill it out, print it, sign it, and either scan it and email it back to them, or fax it back to them. My wife has an All-In-One printer that can scan and fax, and I have a Canon printer with a scanner in it.

And guess where they are......?

PACKED AWAY somewhere!

Might be easier and faster to just find the local Kinko's and take it there to send.......


  1. Kinkos it is.

    Sounds like things are coming together as planned, that is amazing in it's own right.
    Good timing too, the long cold is coming

    1. The fence should be done at the end of next week.

      The kitchen cabinet/remodel guy is coming Friday to give us an estimate. I've already told my wife she can figure on $10k+, installation not included....

      The roofing company is dropping off all the material in the next couple of days, and the roof replacement starts soon after, weather permitting.

  2. I've belonged to the Public Service Credit Union for ten+ years. No fees, good service, and I've never had a problem. Wish I could say the same for Wells Fargo. Three branches in your new home town.

    1. We joined Elevations because we heard good things about them.


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