Monday, December 12, 2016

Virgin Galactic's "SpaceShipTwo" Completes Suscessful Glide Test

Full story here at SatNews.

Hard to believe it's been two years since they lost the first one due to an inadvertent pilot error.

For those that don't know the history of this interesting mothership/spacecraft combination, here's the article at the Wikipedia.


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    1. The center "pod" is a spacecraft. The main wing goes between the two outer "pods", which are the control cabins for the "mothership" that takes the spacecraft up to about 50,000' where it gets released. After falling safely clear, the spacecraft fires it's engine, and accelerates up to about Mach 3 or so. It then coasts all the way up to about 65 miles giving the passengers 10 minutes or more of "weightlessness" before "feathering it's wings, and gliding back to the spaceport where the mother ship launched it from.

    2. Well, that is just darn neat!

  2. I remember that happening. Looking at those , I think I would rather just stick to a nice Cessna 172, myself! ;-)

  3. Hopefully THIS time the pilots follow the @#%# checklist...


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