Monday, December 5, 2016

Election Post Mortem: Tucker Carlson Makes a New York Slimes Columnist Really Squirm

This is great! The only other thing I've seen that's this good is the NewsWeek Managing Editor squirming around try to explain not only how their "Madam President" issue went out in error, but why it was so stridently anti Trump, and some would say anti American.

Hint:......NewsWeek doesn't produce their own "Commemorative Issues"!

I'll post that one later on.

In the meantime....enjoy this twit from the New York Slimes getting raked over the coals.....


  1. Doesn't surprise me that guy is from Oregon.

  2. Carlson IS doing a good job! :-)

  3. Why any for-profit publication would deliberately seek to alienate 50% of the market (conservative readers) is beyond stupid. It's just a matter of time before they fold.


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