Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rain and Cold Weather for L.A.

So far the rain gauge says about .15" over the last several hours. NWS claims we could get 1" to THREE inches of rain tonight. That's a whole lot in such a short time for out here. Most of the soil here is adobe, a clay/sand/"black dirt" mix, and after an inch of rain or so, not much soaks in, and it starts to pool and run off.

And I know "cold" is a very relative term (just ask Rev Paul!), but THIRTY SEVEN degrees and raining in SoCal is a bit "unpleasant" for the natives.

Just hope we don't start getting mudslide in whatever burn areas there are this year.....


  1. I hope the rain can all be taken in by the land, and that the countryside will remain safe.

    God bless!

  2. 37 IS cold for you folks. Be careful down there.

  3. Thanks everybody.

    Storm total for this one was .76". A bit less than expected, but very welcome!

  4. 37!!! omgelevenzies... Break out the parkas... :-)


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