Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Geeez.....Did The Vet Give Me The Same Dog Back?

We just can't believe this is the same dog we had before.

Ever since the drugs wore off, she's like a different dog.

Very playful, tail always wagging, doesn't bark when people or other dogs go by on the sidewalk, and does NOT bark at the mailman!

And all her wounds are healing very nicely. Last Friday I took her to the vet, and he pulled out the drainage tubes, and gave her a once over, pronouncing her fit and well, and well on her way to a full recovery.

Quite a change from the "whipped puppy" she was after I got the other dog off of her.

I guess removing the "Bad Influence" from our house has brought out the dog that was hiding inside her!


  1. Good on her. Best wishes for her, and when you can...pics!

  2. What they said - it's wonderful news!

  3. Good news, indeed.

    She's running us ragged wanting to play with her squeaky ball, squeaky football, and tug-o-war rope. We could never have toys out before because the big dog would snatch them all from her, and wouldn't let her play. As soon as we started playing with her, he'd barge in, grab the toy, and slink off with it.

    We gave up trying to break him of that after a month or so, and would just take her outside to play.

  4. The Better Half and I love to hear that she's doing OK.

  5. Was sorry to hear of the doggie dissonance and pleased to hear the little one is well on the mend. It's disappointing when they don't get along, but it's unworkable when a dog is that aggressive, particularly with the size disparity. Glad your pooch got her bounce back!


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