Monday, April 8, 2013

Back to Work on Friday

I should have bent my Doctor's arm to let me stay out until Monday, but.......

Anyway.....the extra antibiotics are doing their job, and the swelling and redness of my index finger are going away.

As a result, my Doctor doesn't think I'll need surgery to root out all the infection, but he's going to be watching it closely. If it flares up, or changes significantly, he'll get me in to the Hand Surgeon ASAP.

It's still a bit difficult to write, type, use a mouse and small tools, and solder, but I'm cleared to go back on Friday.


  1. Don't push it, and watch yourself... MSRA is not something to play with...

  2. Thanks, but I'm planing on taking it pretty easy until the Doc tells me I'm OK to go full-bore.

    I just had to correct FOUR typos in the previous sentence due to the little "sock" on my index finger.....

  3. What Old NFO said. Take it easy, and go slow; it won't pay to "push" this one.


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