Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Field Day Pictures

We had a great time (again!) this year at the Angels Gate Cultural Center, a.k.a "The Upper Reservation at Fort MacArthur". The weather was great, we had plenty of food, nobody got injured, and we made a lot of contacts.
I had 50 "in the log", but when I cross-checked it, I had 5 duplicates, for a final count of 45, and a final valid score of 144 points..
I've never had 'dupes' at Field Day, and since they were all by the same guy, I'll write it off to his grabbing every contact he heard!
I think we easily could have made 65~70 contacts, but the HO-68 satellite wasn't operational this year, and since we made almost half our contacts on that one last year, it was sorely missed.
Enjoy the pictures!


  1. LOL- I'm surprised they didn't make y'all file environmental compliance paperwork for all the RF you were putting out! Glad it went well!

  2. There were really picky this year. We had to get special permission to "camp" there overnight, and each location had to have copies of the permits. they also required us to have a fire extinguisher withing 5 feet of each generator, which they didn't tell us about until Saturday afternoon when a "Recreation and Parks" guy came by to verify the permits.
    In your car or tent wasn't good enough....it HAD to be within 5 feet of the generator.
    Common sense, but the guy was really snotty about it after I asked him if he was with "Parks and Recreation". He said "Parks and Recreation" was with the COUNTY of Los Angeles, and he was with the CITY of Los Angeles, and THEY were called "Recreation and Parks", and NOT "Parks and Recreation"!
    Little bit of rivalry there, I guess!

  3. Great pix, DrJim.

    Glad we were able to stop by on Friday.

    Damsel likes your pink flamingos.

  4. My son said that next year we should put name tags on them for each of the satellites we make contacts through.
    For those that don't know, satellites are called "birds", so we'll have little name tags that say something like "Hi! I'm AO-7!".


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