Sunday, May 15, 2011

Strike Eagle on Afterburner

STILL going through the 300+ pictures I took at the 2011 Chino Airshow. Some are out-of-focus, some have people's heads in the way, and I even managed to get a couple of my own feet and the parking lot surface!
I've culled the bad ones either into my "duds" file, or straight to the trash bin, so I've cut the 300+ down to about 200. I'm going to pick out the best of the ones I kept, and post them on Photobucket with the slide-show link to hear like I did a while back with the Fort MacArthur pictures.
In the meantime, enjoy this one from the F-15 Strike Eagle demonstration.
Good God, are those things FAST, even considering he couldn't go over the Mach in the area.

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