Saturday, October 30, 2010

Radio Contest This Weekend

So my posting will be lighter than usual.
So far, I've worked China, the Philippines, Australia, New Zeland, South Africa, The Galapagos Islands, Finland, Norway, a whole bunch of Russians, and a handful of countries I've barely heard of.
This contest, the CQ Magazine World-Wide DX Contest, is about the biggest one of the year, so all these little countries show up, and we all try to contact each other.
It's about 8PM now, and the propagation on the higher bands has faded, so I'll call it a night, and watch a movie with the YF.

Finished with only 94 contacts, and 16,380 points. Really wanted to break 100 contacts, but family and life have a way of intruding!

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  1. Good on ya drjim! 94 is nothing to sneeze at, and yeah the magic 100 was close; but family does always win out!


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